Tattoo School

What will I get from this program?

Mass Tattoos has created a training program that is completely comprehensive and designed to teach you how to make it in the tattoo industry. It is not for the weak minded or the weak of heart. It is a new style training program which is designed to build character, stamina and focus. We believe that without these things you may not be able to last in the industry. You may be the greatest artist or person in the world but without these three things, you may find that you can receive the frustration or burnout syndrome before you really get established. Also without the focus your work may become inconsistent, leading to disappointment in quality. Here at Mass Tattoos we have developed a new style training program and made it unique. Most of all we care about the ART of Tattooing and believe that in training a person to tattoo we must instill that same care in our students. The fast ‘pay your money and wham you are a Tattooist’ is out of the question here!! Turning out artists who don’t know squat is against everything we believe in! Our program is slow and meticulous, with emphasis on quality. We do not want our students to have “ghosts” so we take you through a lot of off skin practice before you ever touch someone’s skin. If this is the kind of training your looking for, then by all means read on!!!!!!!

How long is this class?

This class will last for a period of 3 months. During that time that you are a member of the Mass Tattoo School, you will learn as much as ‘you’ are willing to be taught. You will be trained by a professional licensed tattoo artist, that are in the industry.

What will I learn from this class?

You will learn all about your machine: how it breaks down, how to repair it, how to troubleshoot machine problems, different ways to run it and why. How to make your own needles, so you do not to have rely on supply houses and inadequate shipping. Outlining, shading, and color blending techniques. Proper placement of design work. Customizing and freehand techniques that will hold up over time. Differences in skin so you will better apply the tattoo. Healing procedures, scarring prevention, problem solving and basic emergency procedures. Personal and customer hazards. How to draw flash so that it will sell. How to effectively sell your talent to the public. Sterilization and cleanliness. First Aid Certification CPR Certification PDT (Prevention of Disease Transmission) Certification Hepatitis Shot Series. .


  1. Can I receive a refund?
  2. What are some of the qualifications?
  3. How long is this class for?

Can I receive a refund?

Just like college we provide the opportunity to learn. If you put in the effort you should have no problem. However, if you decide after a few weeks or months that this career is not for you, you forfeit your money. It is just like enrolling in classes you find you do not like. (Delete If you decide that you would rather be flirting around and not pulling your weight, we may decide to terminate you.) Fact is we will do everything in our power to make your learning experience worth your money. But we do reserve the right to terminate at our discretion. Some of the things that will result in termination are:

  1. Theft from our clients, other coworkers, or the shop facility.
    2. Lying or cheating, coworkers, clients, or the shop out of work or money.
    3. Drugs or alcohol found on your person or in the shop.
    4. Physical violence will not be tolerated unless it is to protect the shop or its workers or clients. If it cannot be worked out in any other situation than that, someone will be terminated. We make every effort to avoid violence of any type

We want our shop to be the best shop it can be and anything that you do can reflect on that professionalism

What are some of the qualifications for this class?

It takes a special type of person to be in this field. Not all applications will be accepted. Here are some things that we look for in a potential client:

  1. You must be open to learning and not so stubborn that you refuse to be taught.
  2. You must be willing to work with others of different personalities and backgrounds.
  3. You must have a true desire to be the best you can be.
  4. You must be able to take criticism with an open mind, we are not here to hurt your feelings, but will express any criticism when we feel it is needed to improve your skills.
  5. You must be drug and alcohol free. We really do not care if you like to party a little, but if it effects the shop in any way or if you bring any illegal substance into the shop, you will be terminated immediately! This means if you cannot work because of a hangover, you are of no use to yourself or a shop. And this type of behavior will not be tolerated!
  6. As far as the tattooing goes; we would like it if you had some sort of artistic background, however tattooing on skin is very different than any other medium and therefore can be taught without it. But the more mediums you can apply your talent to, the easier it is to learn to tattoo. For instance, if you airbrush, do pen and ink, carve in wood, and do leather work, you may find yourself on top of the game. You should know the application of the different tools you use and a tattoo machine is just a different tool to master.
  7. You must be willing to devote 110% to learning and applying your art. Devotion and discipline are very important.

What will this class cost me?

The tattoo program costs $3,500 up front and is nonrefundable. It lasts 3 months. And you oversee buying your own equipment, or we can purchase your equipment for you for an additional charge of $1500. We have had people start doing their first tattoos in as little as 1 month. It all depends on how much effort you put into it and how fast you learn. We treat everyone as a special part of our program and take the time to help in hard to learn areas. Each person can find one area difficult, where another may find it comes naturally. Each student will be treated with respect and consideration, but we expect the same in return. We are here to teach you and we will put as much effort into it as we are able. We will go the extra mile for you and we would like to have you do the same for yourself and all those you happen to work for.