UV Light Reacting Ink – Now Available

As we have mentioned throughout our website, Mass Tattoos again has taken another technological step in the evolution of tattooing.Clients that have had tattoos done by traditional electric machines say that the Neuma 2 is noticeably less painful. Because of the Neuma 2’s lightweight design the time you are actually getting tattooed is cut in half.

uv tattooThe Neuma 2 is a pneumatic tattoo machine, it runs on air pressure. This revolutionary tattoo machine has no electrical components, allowing it to be fully autoclavable. Traditional electric machines can only be sanitized with a surfactant . Electrical machines can fluctuate due to electrical surges. The Neuma 2 is one sixth the weight of traditional coil machines allowing for maximum maneuverability. Neuma 2 the next step in the evolution of the Tattoo industry.

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